Intern Design Challenge: Part 1

It’s 7 o’clock on a Tuesday. All of the summer interns have gathered waiting to hear what “big surprise” brought us there that evening. We’re sitting around Abby’s cozy living room snacking on sweet cookies, drinking spiced Chai tea, and discussing our latest bride’s gorgeous beaded dress. Then the moment we were waiting for arrived and the secret was revealed… We were told about the big finale to our internship….the design challenge.

Part of the Abby Mitchell Events experience is the Intern Design Challenge. This assignment is where you put your knowledge and experience to the test. Given a set of guidelines, you are to design, create, plan, and budget a wedding. The requirements include a full design and layouts, timeline, budget, and vendors. For this project, interns pair off or are assigned to one another. Each acts as both a planner and a bride; you plan your partner’s wedding and they plan yours. As daunting as it may sound (and it can be), I’ve gotten so much out of this experience. It’s given me practice with talking to vendors, knowing what questions to ask a bride, coordinating a timeline, and sticking to a budget. All of this invaluable information will help me as I plant my roots in the event planning industry.

I’ve done this assignment twice now. The first was for my summer session with AME. My partner was Olivia and after I’d read her detailed Bridal Questionnaire, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for her design. She explained her love for the movie “You’ve Got Mail” and that was my inspiration throughout the whole process. Below are a few of the pages from this particular wedding design and a link to the website I created just for her:

Inspa Page
Inspiration Board

“Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?” -Kathleen Kelly

For full design, timeline, and budget details: You’ve Got Me

In the weeks leading up to the presentation of the design each of us were working hard and Pinteresting like crazy. The process of designing and planning a wedding (even a fake one) is quite a task. Allocating money, getting quotes from vendors, and making sure you’re delivering your bride’s vision are only a part of it.

A few weeks later, we were together again at Abby’s house. Each of us took a turn presenting our designs, timelines, and budgets to our “bride” and fellow interns. At the end of the night, after more cookies and tea, inspiration boards were posted on social media and judges scores were tallied. Between the judges scores, your bride’s satisfaction, and the help of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook followers…a winner was chosen.

Every season, the winner of this design challenge gets a prize. But I’m keeping that a secret for now. Follow me and stay tuned for more!



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