Intern Design Challenge: Part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, the Intern Design Challenge is the chance to show what you know and all you’ve learned with Abby Mitchell Events. After my summer session with Abby I decided to stay on throughout the fall and my last semester of school. We had a new AME family and our newest and adorable addition, baby Otto (Abby’s son born in July). It was a fall full of autumnul color schemes, crisp air, and ecstatic young couples. I knew though that it was all coming to an end when we met at Abby’s house one night… I knew what was coming.

Knowing this would be my second and also my last Intern Design Challenge, I stepped up my game and put all I had into it. With school in full swing and preparing to graduate, accomplishing this feat was easier said than done. I spent hours on my computer researching for my bride/partner Kayley Walker to create her dream wedding design. After a few weeks of planning and putting my creativity to the test….my computer crashed, taking all of my hard work and ideas with it. After streaming tears and raging anger in between trips to the computer repair shop, it was time to begin again. I now doubled my time staring at computer screens as I spent hours in the lab to make up for my lost time and work. A constant reminder intertwined with my thoughts saying, “Irritation won’t change it. Move on and make it work.” Frustrating? Yes. A test of patience? Definitely. Did I finish? Absolutely.

A few weeks after the challenge being assigned our little team gathered together again taking turns holding Otto and presenting our designs. Below are a few pages from my design for Kayley:

Inspa Board K&C
Inspiration Board
Gift and Guest
When the Bride’s maiden name is Walker, there is no other hashtag needed.


Again inspiration boards were posted to social media outlets and voted on by the judges and fellow AME interns. All of our designs were superbly unique and pleasing to the “brides.” However, we all know there is only one winner…

But I can’t give away all of my secrets in one post… So hang on to that cliff a little while longer. I promise it’ll be worth the wait.


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