Brandon & Haylee: Married

May 21, 2016. A day of joyous occasions and happy beginnings. This was not only the day that Haylee Kell and Brandon Pitts would be married, but also marked the first official wedding for Allyssa Elaine Events.


Assisting with weddings is an absolute honor. But what I discovered over the course of the weekend was that helping at a friends wedding is a remarkable blessing on top of that.

I had the pleasure of meeting Haylee while studying at Missouri State University. By God’s grace we were group partners for a project I could not have completed without her. Haylee, you had a great hand in helping me graduate. I knew immediately that she was special—her beauty, grace, and ability to handle any circumstance made an immediate impression on me. Though I knew Haylee, I never had the pleasure of meeting her fiancé, Brandon. I gushed over their engagement photos and when Haylee mentioned needing a day-of coordinator, I jumped at the chance.


Both of these remarkable people managed to stay sane throughout the planning process even though they led such busy lives. They both graduated from Missouri State, Haylee landed her dream job in St. Louis, they went apartment hunting, planned a honeymoon, and set a move date just a few weeks before the big day. Safe to say, that honeymoon was well deserved.

As the wedding weekend came, I drove to Houston, MO to take care of the details and take some responsibility off everyone’s shoulders. Haylee’s family opened their home to the entire wedding party and myself after the rehearsal. It was such a blessing to be in their home and meet this accommodating and faith-filled family. I will never forget their kindness and do not believe I managed to thank them enough for their shining example of God and family.


As we sat in their home, I got to observe the interactions of their closest family and friends and see the joy they all felt in celebrating Haylee and Brandon.

As usual, watching the future bride and groom was my favorite. Seeing them share a look across the room or smile when they saw the other, it is such a wonderful thing to behold. I remember asking them multiple times throughout the weekend, “Are you ready? How are you feeling?” Each time they would smile wide, and say, “Allyssa, I am so ready. I can’t wait to marry him/her.”


At one point in the night, the flower girl asked Brandon about the signage [below]. He asked her, “You know who made those? Haylee did. Isn’t she talented? I get to marry her.” This was accompanied by the second most excited smile I have ever seen.

Though Haylee was worried about rain, Saturday morning dawned clear and sunny. There could not have been more perfect weather for an outside celebration. I spent the morning with Mrs. Audrey Kell (who is incredible) setting up chairs, tying ribbons, and fighting with the wind to keep tablecloths on and tulle tied down. I got to try my hand at catering, managed to climb a barbed wire fence (in a dress), and found out that rock hunting can now be added to my job description.

The boys helped with the chairs as the girls got ready…

Once hair was finished, dresses and suits were on, and prayers were prayed…

…it was time for the reveal. Tessa at Joyful Expressions Photography captured Haylee and Brandon’s first look and following pictures beautifully. I have never seen a more thrilled groom or a more glowing bride. These are the smiles that are the most excited I have seen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Haylee is a beautiful light and Brandon is a remarkable gentleman, and they are even better together. Their relationship is an amazing likeness of God’s love for the church. They are Christ-centered and their focus is always on serving the other. This was best displayed during their ceremony when they washed one another’s feet. This was a symbol of their love and enduring ability to put the other before themselves.



Once they were pronounced man and wife, they walked back down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs.


After the ceremony, guests were invited to bring their seats to the tent for the reception. The night was filled with dancing, laughter, and breakfast food, because, as Haylee put it, “Breakfast is best.”



Their wedding day was special, the couple was gorgeous, and everyone ecstatically happy. I could not be more grateful to have had a small part in it.

Brandon and Haylee Pitts, I wish you the greatest happiness, adventures, and blessings in life. Wherever the road may take you, I hope that you rely on one another and always remember that your love is a gift. Cherish one another and the moments you spend together. Best of luck in all of your endeavors together!


All photos captured by Tessa of Joyful Expressions Photography.


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