Barrett & Breann: Engaged

This couple is just a month away from tying the knot! Check out their engagement photos and their story below:

Barrett and Bre met in college and started dating almost immediately; they became inseparable and have been together over 7 years!


When did you know they were the one for you?

Barrett: The first night we met… and we’ve been together ever since!

Bre: Day One. I just wanted to hang out with him every day after we met. Since then there’s never been the thought of “maybe” or “what if.” It was just….IT.

What is one of your favorite dates you have been on?

Barrett: Going to Eckert’s to pick apples or blackberries.

Bre: Whenever we go blackberry picking. Barrett always eats way too many blackberries and it’s too funny!


How did he propose? Was it a surprise?

Barrett: We started the night eating at Sam’s Steakhouse where we had our first date. I proposed at Botanical Gardens during the Lantern Festival. The scenery and lights were beautiful and made for great pictures also. I’d say I surprised her!

Bre: July 2, 2015. We went to dinner at Sam’s Steakhouse, where we had our first real date (we’ve been there a few other times too and it’s his grandpa’s restaurant). Then we went to the Botanical Gardens for the Lantern Festival because I had been begging to go. I thought maybe he would propose but didn’t want to get my hopes up! We walked around the whole place before dark and saw the lanterns after the sun set. About 15 minutes before close we said we would do one more trip around the lanterns path. In the area by the lilies, no one was around, and he proposed. It’s a beautiful spot to always have this memory.


What is your favorite thing about your fiancé? 

Barrett: She’s silly, doesn’t take anything too seriously, and always encourages me to follow my ambitions.

Bre: His drive and ambition. I always joke that he doesn’t half-ass a thing, he whole-asses eight things.


How do you envision your wedding day?

Barrett: We are having a smaller wedding with the people closest to us, so I’ll say intimate and fun.

Bre: Beautiful and fun! It’s small so it will be great to share such an intimate and special moment with the most important people in our lives.


How did you decide on your venue?

Barrett: We decided on the venue as it fits the size of our wedding and allows more flexibility with food and vendors.

Bre: We liked the flexibility of being able to do whatever we wanted! It will also fit our guests comfortably without making it seem like an even smaller wedding.


What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day?

Barrett: Marrying Bre!

Bre: Our ceremony. Seeing each other for the first time when I walk down the aisle, saying our vows, exchanging rings…everything! Doing it all in front of God, our family, and our friends.


Follow us for sneak peeks of their special day on September 10th!


Photography by Megh Christine Photography


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