Jim & Suzy: Engaged

Suzy & Jim are getting ready to tie the knot after over five years of being together! They have an adorable 18 month old daughter named Remy and are ready to make their family official with friends and loved ones.


How did you meet?

We all were attending the first day of orientation of law school. All students were put into sections. Jim and I were put in A. Naturally, the best. Each section was divided into smaller groups and we had to sit together. In grade school manner, we were to go around the table tell everyone our name, where we are from, one interesting fact about ourselves, and why we choose St. Louis University School of Law (henceforth “SLU Law”). 

Jimmy was one of the first, he explained that he had a dog and showed us all a picture of Calvin (he won my heart first) on a VERY broken cell phone. Then another guy, we’ll call him Einstein, introduced himself and said he went to SLU Law because he just happen to get a full ride. After this statement was made, Jimmy looked at me and rolled his eyes, we both laughed. I knew then I’d get along with him.

Our first year of law school we had EVERY SINGLE class with our section. Again, it was like grade school where you where you stayed with the same 20 people for everything (except we did change classes). This meant I saw Jimmy every class, unless he decided to go out late the night before and came in late. This occurred more often than Jimmy would admit during the first year, especially when the Cardinals won the World Series. His most difficult time was our Friday 8 am Legal Research and Writing Class (LRW).

During a contracts class, which took place before lunch, Jimmy asked me to go to lunch. We had already been hanging out through study dates, softball games on Fridays, and the SLU Law Trivia Night. Jimmy drove me to The Hill because he said I must try it. For non-St. Louisans, The Hill is the Italian part of town. If you make it for the wedding, you may want to try it out! Anyways, Jimmy was set on taking me to Adrianna’s on The Hill. However, we showed up and it was closed. Jimmy decided to then take me to Amighetti’s on The Hill. Amighetti’s has always been close to our hearts, especially now that it is owned by Dominic Consolinio.

We got through school together and debated many, many, many topics, including whether a contract expires after a reasonable amount of time if there is no date of accepted provided (I won that one). I could not have asked a better person to share this experience with, I do not think either of us would have survived without the other. 

**Side note, Einstein left law school the first semester. Rumors indicate that he was involved in some illegal activity.**


How did he pop the question?

On August 16th, I came home to Remy’s crib with a ring in it.

Was the proposal a surprise?

Despite talking about it for along time, the proposal and actual time and day was a big surprise. Jimmy proposed exactly 4 years to the date of meeting each other. (Although he didn’t even know it!)


What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?

We have had our ups and downs and many surprises, some bigger than others, none of which we could have handled without each other or the support of our friends and family. We are always there for each other and we can’t wait to vow that to each other on our wedding day!

How do you envision your wedding day?

A day to celebrate with friends and family. We feel very lucky and blessed to have such great people supporting us and we hope to return the favor as much as possible. Despite the winding road, we have loved the destination, our family, our friends, and our home.


How did you decide on your venue?

We were originally getting married at the Lemp Mansion but had a change of plans about two months from the wedding day. There’s a brand new venue opening in the Central West End called The McPherson. Ours will be the first wedding ever held at the newly renovated building! It’s the perfect mix of classic and modern and so much detail went into the building, we can’t wait to share our day there.


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