Gifts for the Guys

Today we’re going to answer the question, “What gift do I give my groomsmen?” To all you future grooms out there, we do not think you’re incapable of knowing what to get…but we’re going to help you out a bit! You’ve got enough on your plate with cake tastings, tux fittings, and centerpiece planning that we want to relieve you of one more task.

Groomsmen Socks

Tip #1: Always personalize it! It shows you put a little extra time and effort in (and it means they won’t re-gift it to you on their wedding day!).

Tip #2: Help a brother out! If your roommate from college that you have-to-have beside you on your big day can’t really afford a plane ticket, hotel room, plus a tux for the occasion…offer to help cover some costs. It’s not as tangible, but memories he’ll make on your wedding day are worth a lot more!


Tip #3: Have the gift reflect who they are or your friendship. Remember that time you went golfing together? Give him a set of golf balls with his initials. Or the time you partied hard in college? Give him a personalized shot glass, decanter, or bottle of whiskey.

Trouble finding the perfect gift? No worries…

We are also here to tell you about Groovy Groomsmen Gift’s! Tom Ryan reached out to us a few months back to review their products and feature them here on our blog!

Tom was great enough to customize and send us a To the 9’s Tri-Pack and it would be a perfect gift for any of your groomsmen (or ladies, your groom)! This particular gift includes a carved wooden box, a tie pin, cuff links, and a money clip. You can personalize the items however you wish and they are top quality. I was so impressed with the customer service, how quickly it was shipped, and the genuine products I received. They have a range of ideas and gifts for any occasion and any friend…whether they’re the flannel-wearing-out-doorsy type or work in a bustling high-rise on Wall Street. Check out a few pictures below:

To the 9's Tri Pack
To the 9’s Tri-Pack: great for wedding day attire!

To the 9's Tri Pack

Bar - Classic Decanter
Enchanter Decanter – perfect for the whiskey connoisseur in your life.
Tools - Do Everything Knife
Do-Everything Knife –  but maybe refrain from use at the wedding..
Wearables - Timber Time
Timber Time Watch – for the sophisticated business friend who wishes he worked outdoors instead of a stuffy cubicle.
Groomsmen Flasks - Flask in a Casket
Flask It In A Casket – for a sneaky drink during wedding festivities.
Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas - Mug on a Mug
Mug on a Mug – a special addition to the head table for your guys to fill with drinks well into the night!
Macho Hatchet
Macho Hatchet – for the manliest of men. Again, not to be used at the actual wedding.
Bar - Bobblehead Doll
Bobbleheads – one of our personal favorites. There are so many options to this, so be sure to click the link!
Bar - Bobblehead Doll
For the Superheroes that your friends are (or can be).
Bar - Bobblehead Doll
They can even be made to match your wedding colors and attire!


Regardless of the gift you choose, make sure to surround yourself with your best buddies on your big day. They might hassle you, beat you up once or twice, and get you in trouble with your new bride during their toasts…but they’ve been there for you through thick and thin. Show them how much you appreciate their friendship and support on your wedding day! Have fun, take pictures, and make a lot of new memories (just not with that hatchet..)!



Photography: YKnot Studios // Kara Volle Photography // Caroline Schubert Photography




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