Patrick & Kitty: Engaged

So here’s something exciting: these two are getting ready to tie the knot at their New Year’s Eve wedding bash! I am so excited to be able to celebrate their marriage as well as ring in the New Year with this amazing couple. It is going to be a day full of smiling, a beautiful ballroom, champagne, and of course, confetti.

Keep scrolling to see some amazing engagement photos compliments of Kelly Pratt Photography and read more about Kitty & Patrick!


How did you meet?

We met in February 2014 on a cold winter day at a coffee shop in New York City and immediately hit it off.

How long have you been together?

Almost 4 years.


Share one of your favorite dates.

We went ice skating at Bryant Park in New York City and Patrick was an inexperienced skater so Kitty was helping him get back on his feet (a lot) when he kept tripping around the rink. She even caught him midair on his first fall.


When did you know he/she was the one?

Patrick told Kitty he loved her after a romantic trip together to his family’s summer house in Canada.


How did he pop the question?

Patrick and I were celebrating our birthdays in New York City and we had tickets to see the musical, Hamilton. We were staying at the Yale club and Patrick proposed in the ballroom lounge.

Was the proposal a surprise?

Yes! Patrick planned a weekend trip to New York City in June 2016 to celebrate our birthdays. To Kitty’s surprise, Patrick got down on one knee during that trip and made it even more memorable!


What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?

Kitty loves that Patrick can be totally oblivious. This makes it very easy to play pranks on him. Patrick, in turn, likes Kitty’s sense of humor. Which is great seeing as how she loves to play said pranks on him. 


How do you envision your wedding day?

A big New Year’s Eve party! Of course, that’s part of the reason we chose December 31st. So many reasons to celebrate and have fun with friends and family!

How did you decide on your venue?

When looking for a New Year’s Eve venue we were looking for ballroom that would let us have confetti! We were really impressed by how organized The Coronado team was and knew they could pull off a big wedding. The venue was a great twist of old and modern. It is the perfect amount of classy and glam for our NYE and wedding celebration.


Are there any special or family traditions you’ll be incorporating?

The lace of Kitty’s veil is from Patrick’s mother’s wedding gown. This will be her something old! For our wedding meal, our entrée will be a Cornish game hen which is a family tradition in Patrick’s family around the holidays.


What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day?

Getting married! Ringing in the New Year with all of our family and friends will be the best way to celebrate.


Stay tuned for sneak peeks that you are NOT going to want to miss! December 31st, ring in the New Year with the AEE family and Kitty & Patrick!


PC: Kelly Pratt Photography


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