Jeremy & Maggie: Married

Oh, where to begin with these two? Always and forever my first clients and always and forever in my memory. This wedding was a labor of love for all three of us — 20 months of planning, designing, and creating to be the wedding you see below.

Jeremy & Maggie are so easy-going and adventurous. They really just want to have a good time and it showed on their wedding day! They started out with friends getting ready, having a few cigars, and ended dancing the night away. Everything was as we had planned and they had pictured and it was incredible.

Thank you for choosing and allowing me to be part of this fantastic wedding day. You two were such blessings and I’m so grateful for the years I’ve known you and had a place in your lives.



Congratulations Mr & Mrs Stinson! We hope you two experience so much happiness and adventure in life together! xoxo



One thought on “Jeremy & Maggie: Married

  1. Such a cute couple Alyssa! Haha, I figured it was the guys with the cigars, I couldn’t imagine having one myself! The rings are so nice, I love the pic of the bride and her girls on the bed!! Maggie’s hair is gorgeous and look at those cute shoes! All really beautiful , good job Alyssa !! Take care ,hugs, Terri xo.


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