Doyle & Michelle: Engaged


6 ½ years after their love story began, these two are anxious to finally tie the knot! Through all of the ups and downs of life these two have held onto the love and laughter they bring each other and are ready to build the rest of their lives together. Read all about their love story and check out some engagement pictures down below:




How did you meet?

They say there are two sides to every story, so here goes…

Michelle’s Version:
We attended the same high school, but I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t know Doyle. Back then, word on the street was Doyle kept a shrine of me in his locker with hopes of one day dating me. True story lol…

Doyle’s Version:
I contacted Michelle on Facebook and asked her out on a date. After months of trying, I finally got her to say yes. We became friends and the rest is history. True story lol.

Share one of your favorite dates.

Our favorite date was held inside Forest Park where Doyle surprised Michelle with a surprise candlelit picnic.


When did you know he/she was the one?

Michelle knew Doyle was the one when she couldn’t go a day without thinking about him. In addition, both her parents approved. She already knew but having both their blessings meant a lot. Doyle knew Michelle was the one when the infatuation stage was over and you were still eager to court and date her.


How did he pop the question?

Christmas day 2016 got a lot more exciting when Doyle popped the question to Michelle. In true Doyle fashion he planned out a masterful scheme to get Michelle and her family out of the house. There was a knock on their door, and a group of firemen entered asking to test the house for a gas leak. Everyone was scared after being asked to exit the house; the situation sounded serious.

After standing anxiously outside in the street, Michelle turned to see Doyle on one knee in front of the fire truck. Lights! Camera! Action! The sirens were loud but Michelle hoped Doyle could hear her say YES! while they were being serenaded by “A Couple of Forever’s” being played in the background.


What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?

Doyle’s ability to put others before him and love unconditionally. Michelle’s caring and Catering nature.

How do you envision your wedding day?

A romantic intimate “experience” full of love.

How did you decide on your venue?

Ceremony: The Jewel Box is held inside our favorite park where we had our favorite date and it’s also where Michelle’s parents said “I do”.

Reception: We both fell in love with the character and regal feel of the Barnett on Washington. To top it off its located on WASHINGTON!



Are there any special or family traditions you’ll be incorporating?

We will be incorporating hand washing during our ceremony which represents the new chapter of our marriage with a clean slate.

What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day?

A life full of great health, laughter and adventure!


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Jonathan & Amy: Engaged

Jonathan and Amy have been by each other’s sides for five years and now they are finally getting ready to tie the knot on March 24th. This couple radiates love and happiness and can’t wait to share that with their family and friends on their special day!

How did you meet?

We met through mutual friends at a Superbowl party at Missouri State in 2012. (Go Bears!)



Share one of your favorite dates.

My favorite dates have always been when Jonathan cooks dinner for me.  He’s an amazing cook!


How did he pop the question?

We took a trip out to California in April and drove up the coast to a bunch of different cities.  The second to last night we had a picnic on a beach outside of San Francisco. Jonathan popped the question at sunset, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  We were on a private beach all by ourselves, so we really got to cherish the moment. 


Was the proposal a surprise?

Yes, I was very surprised!   

What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?

 My favorite thing about Jonathan is that he has a heart of gold and he always keeps me laughing. His smile and positivity is contagious.     


How do you envision your wedding day?

I envision March 24th to be romantic, full of laughs, tears & smiles and a day we’ll never forget.  


How did you decide on your venue?  

We decided on the Cedars after falling in love with their elegant, spacious ballroom. We were very impressed by their packages and menu options, and the staff there is amazing to work with.  The venue is centrally located and can easily accommodate our guest count.  We were sold after the first visit.

What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day?

 I am looking forward to being surrounded by all of our family and friends on our wedding day.  I also can’t wait to wear my gorgeous dress!


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Matt & Melanie: Engaged

I just met Matt & Melanie for the first time a few weeks ago and I’m so happy they found me (and each other)! I can’t wait to share in their special day as they not only marry one another but also combine their families as one. It is going to be such a great day come March and we are crossing our fingers for great weather! Read below for how they met and see their fun and bright engagement photos!


How did you meet?

We met at Melanie’s work, I came in for a haircut and eyebrow wax after an enjoyable day watching football at a bar. (It was the best haircut he had ever had.)

How long have you been together?

We met in November of 2015, so going on three years now!


Share one of your favorite dates.

Matt: It’s hard to think of a single date so instead a weekend comes to mind. I am a massive Michigan football fanatic and Melanie finds sports to be, well….stupid haha. So what better way to merge those together than to fly down to Miami to watch them in the Orange Bowl? We were there for New Year’s and spent each day together, which wasn’t something we were normally able to do with our work schedules and children. We went to the New Year’s Eve party at out hotel and we had an awesome time! We went to the game the next day and the weather was awful. It was in the 70s on New Year’s and that day it was only in the upper forties. She was a trooper at the game as it was freezing and she was honestly bored out of her mind. I felt bad but also felt lucky she cared enough about me to endure the game. My phone died afterward ordering an Uber and soon no Ubers were available and Melanie couldn’t get signal on her phone. After an hour of circling a massive NFL stadium we got a ride back to our hotel. I think back to that weekend a lot with very fond memories.

Melanie: Matt is quite the sweet and romantic type so it’s hard to pick just one date but I  would have to say our third date at Anthony’s. He was so charming, kind, handsome, hilarious and that’s when I fell in love.


When did you know he/she was the one?

Matt: We had been dating for a few months and Melanie hadn’t met my children yet. I arranged for us all to take a trip to Destin, Florida so she could meet them. She got along with my children better than I had ever hoped. To see how wonderful she was with them made me very emotional. I knew she was the one our second day there as she was playing with my daughter. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Melanie: I knew he was the one when he said “I love you” and expressed his feelings about me on our rooftop. He looked so handsome and I remember feeling just so happy he felt the same way I did.


How did he pop the question?

Matt: I originally wanted to propose on the rooftop of the Hilton as online it looked romantic. Upon arriving and seeing it was a sports bar I was quickly horrified. I was walking around trying to find a romantic spot amongst people swilling beer and devouring chicken wings. Needless to say I chose poorly, so I took her to Ruth’s Chris for drinks where I asked there. I had rented a room for her back on her 30th birthday there where I invited all of her family. I thought about how much I enjoyed her family and wanted to be a part of hers so as on paper boring as it sounds, it was the perfect place

Melanie: We had a beautiful dinner at Anthony’s after Matt suggested we go to 360 a rooftop bar, after arrival, he expressed he wasn’t happy about the “pizza joint” and it wasn’t nice enough.  When the manager then approached us and apologized for it not being to his liking, I knew something was off. He then suggested we try another venue. We decided to take a stroll from 360 to Ruth Chris’s. He ordered a lovely bottle of champagne and a few moments later he proposed. It was perfect. I cried and immediately informed every single person i know.

Was the proposal a surprise?

Matt: yes

Melanie: Not completely… we had looked at bands before, but I did not know it would happen that night, I thought he would ask on valentine’s day 🙂 


What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?

Matt: How much she cares about me.

Melanie: Everything. His eyes, face, hands, toes, literally everything. But if I have to pick just one: his heart.

How do you envision your wedding day?

Matt: Relaxing and fun, I envision it being the best day of our lives.

Melanie: Super cute, our kids having a blast, everyone looking great and having fun. Matt looking handsome, per usual.


How did you decide on your venue?

Matt: Melanie picked and that’s what we went with!

Melanie: I’ve always thought the Jewel Box was super cute. My grandparents who have passed loved the Jewel Box as well.


What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day?

Matt: Spending time with everyone and sharing such a special moment together.

Melanie: Being able to officially be married to Matthew.


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