Jake & Sarah: Engaged

Sarah & Jake will be tying the knot on November 17th at The McPherson venue in the Central West End. These two have been together for four years as of September 17th and they are excited for the next chapter and celebrating with family & friends! Read below for their story and pictures taken by Michelle Marie Photographie.


How did you meet?

We met online on OkCupid. After several messages back & forth we agreed to meet in person at Kirkwood Station Brewing Company. We enjoyed a night of each other’s company with the Cardinals playing in the background & sipping on pumpkin beer.

Share one of your favorite dates.

Honestly any time that I spend with Jake is my favorite – from a night in cooking dinner then cuddling on the couch to watching a movie to fancy events out on the town. My favorite date probably includes our first visit to Eckert’s during the fall. See the response below but on the way home that’s when I started picturing our future together.


When did you know he/she was the one?

On our way back from one of my favorite fall activities of visiting Eckert’s- he was driving I looked over at him with the sun shining, windows down, music up on the radio (perfect fall day) & realized I finally had someone to do everything & nothing with all at the same time.

How did he pop the question?

I’ve always said 11:11 make a wish and knew 11.11.17 fell on a Saturday but when Jake hadn’t proposed, I knew that date had come and gone for our wedding. We had multiple events planned that Saturday- his brothers birthday, my cousins kids birthday, and then trivia with his friends. He got me to his family farm by saying it was a birthday party for his brother. He had gotten out of the car to close the gate to the farm and he came around to the passenger side of the car. He asked if I trusted him and then surprised me by blindfolding me at the base of the farm. He led me to the front of the barn, got down on one knee, and asked. He had a sign and pumpkins and someone taking pictures. All my favorite things! My parents and some of his family were at the top of the farm to celebrate and then had the whole day of events to tell people in person.

Was the proposal a surprise?

We had looked at rings months prior so I knew & was hoping it would happen sooner rather than later. With the significance of the date I had a slight suspicion but it was a surprise!


What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?

Jake says my good-natured heart is his favorite thing about me. For me, I have several things that I love about Jake. His willingness to help those closest to him in times of need, the love he has for his family, & that he’s a jack of all trades (chef, woodworking, cars, even piecing together parts from dryers to make a working one) are just some of the many reasons I love him.


How did you decide on your venue?

After visiting several venues, we toured the McPherson and it checked off most items on my spreadsheet. With it being a newer venue I liked that none of our friends/ family had weddings there before & every detail was thought of in planning. I loved the convenience for guests, including the location in the Central West End. It had the simple but elegant vibe I wanted without much need for decoration and the bridal suite to get ready in that morning won me over.

What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day?

We are both excited to call each other husband & wife, finally! Soaking in all the special moments celebrating with our friends & family.


Stay tuned for next Saturday’s big event!

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